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About Us

   DingZhou Naiteer Decorative Material Co., LTD. Was established in 2004, is hebei super day industrial co., LTD. (the provincial contract-observing trust-worthy enterprise, the consumer creditable enterprise, in 1999 through the ISO9002 quality system certification) subordinate enterprises, is located in the beijing-shijiazhuang expressway, beijing-guangzhou railway, plastic yellow railway, Beijing deep high iron, the company is apart from the shijiazhuang airport, 43 kilometers from the capital airport 220 kilometers, 220 kilometers away from tianjin port, transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior, the existing staff more than 80 people, the annual output value of RMB 50 million yuan.

   The company production and operation microcrystalline floor base material, floor wool embryo, plastic plates, pipes, pipe fittings, special materials, business sales: plastic additives, the primary shape plastic, raw materials, imported waste plastic PVC, PP, PE, PET, PC, material is given priority to, existing many sets of advanced production equipment, high yield of PVC powder production line four month production 800 tons, many sets of pelletizing, strong technical force, equipped with professional and technical personnel two, free for customers to provide technical services.

   Our company in line with the production processing and sales business philosophy, relying on technical personnel strength, people-oriented, adhere to the good faith for the purpose, depending on the quality of life of the principle, and taking flexible market price advantage, small profits and quick turnover competition mechanism, sincerely welcome new and old customers throughout the visit, sincerely cooperation, and seek common development...